All Weather Garden Furniture

Cheap Plastic Aluminium

I’m sure like most of you, I thought I’d go for this cheap supermarket style of furniture first. It’s marketed as weather resistant, and I thought it would be a great bargain.

I should’ve known better, it didn’t even last a season! I won’t name and shame the retailer, but if you did a search for garden furniture in Google, they’d probably be on the first page (well known!). The webbing started to break and unwind, making the furniture unusable.

Cheap aluminium

Plastic Shell Rattan

The next mistake on my list, plastic shell rattan furniture. This is the cheaper alternative to woven rattan, where it looks similar but it’s actually a hard plastic shell. This stuff is brittle to say the least, and I managed to damage the edging of one chair fairly early on.

That being said my set did last a year, however over winter the leg became weak, because apparently weather resistant is all well and good, but if it’s made from steel it will still rust when outside!

All Weather Winawood

Winawood is made from compressed polystyrene, creating a hard material that has a grain effect, making it look and feel exactly like real wood. However as it’s man made, it’s really durable, fits together easily, and doesn’t need any teak oiling (unlike wooden benches).

 The Winawood 2 seater bench in teak:

The winawood 2 seater bench in teak

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